Hello there. If you’re a fan of SuperPsyguy probably wondering where this blog, and, subsequently, the man himself, has gone.

If you had followed him, you would have known that he spent the last day or so apologizing up and down for “wronging” others, before fleeing the scene with not much of an explanation. The fans he has left seem confused as to why he would be gone for so long, come back to a sea of people lashing out, and then run away again.

Well, hello. If you followed him back in 2009 to about 2012 or so, you might recognize the name Shannon. That’s me. I go by triple wipe 45, or just Shan, these days. I’m one of the many staff members of Psy’s website that came and went like a revolving door. I worked on GG-Guys alongside him and CrikeyDave, when I was about 16 years old or so. (Note, I’m not currently the person holding the rights to this account—that’s someone else.)

Anyway, the reason why Psyguy has left is because of the link above to a blog called “superpsyguy-callout”. It’s important, I think, to pour over the posts presented in the callout and understand that this is so much more than wronging others, and much more than a joke that has gone too far. This is years of psychological abuse, sexual abuse, mental abuse, cheating, and outright pedophilia that has ruined the lives of many women and men, myself included.

The call-out blog hosts a saga of not just what he did before his victims spoke out against him, breaking the silence—but also his response, and how his biggest supporters have treated the situation. I call it a “saga” because, for all intents and purposes, it was a saga for many of us. This spanned for 15 years at the longest, and the brunt of the call-out was in early June 2014, and has spanned until the time of this writing (September 24th, 2014).

I guess I’m not hitting the brunt of the matter hard enough—but what I am saying is, the person many people, especially young people, looked up to, is a dangerous, malicious person, who preyed on weak women and shacked up with people of either sex and any gender that could help him achieve his goal of being popular. Psyguy is a person who craves power. He has stolen from many people, including many of you who may be reading this who don’t know what’s wrong.

We, the victims, implore you to read the entire callout blog, and scope through the blogs of the victims (many of them have SuperPsyguy and Psyguy tags). Please understand, for the sake of many people, that the lives of others do no warrant being destroyed in the ways that he destroyed them. Any Sonic fanart, any pony video, is not worth sacrificing the safety of us for. Listen to the victims. You may be able to find inspiration there, instead of through someone incredibly vile.

With love,

triple wipe 45