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So this is a thing happening tomorrow…

Tropical Cost is my favorite level.

I call it: BulKnuckles

They gotta stop switching out people I’m getting confused.

Top 11 Sonic Cameos | tSPGSS 


Sonic Whachow 

Sonic asks the important questions.

Sonic Whachow WIP 1 

Audio from

Little bit of an update. Been working on trying to get into animation so I thought I’d assign myself 3 short tasks. The first one is Whachow audio put to Sonic characters. My next steps is to ink and color everything and then throw in the mouth flaps. I’m not gonna try in-betweens just yet because I don’t want to bite off more than I can chew. BUT, I thought I would show you guys I have been working on stuff.

Also, it’s unlisted! So this is me trying to say thanks for following me! <3

Cast (I guess?)

Amy Rose: Gabby
Silver: Gage
Sonic: SuperPsyguy
Rouge: Cheru
Knuckles: Sean
Tails: CrikeyDave
Eggman: Fred Wood